Broken Pieces.

Every pain taught you how to love it. Love your pains, for thou art thy strength to endure life. Every loneliness taught you how to talk to yourself more often. Silence gives room for you to hear your own voices much better. Every critics from your love ones made a scar of remembrance that you’ve been there before. It reminds you of who you are, a world without criticism is like crossing two edge rivers wide enough without canoes or boats. Anything life gives, prove it that you can attain more. Every time spent is appreciable for it seconds of it foundation into decades. Every person that comes your lane is for a reason and not by mistake. Even if by mistake, they either come to teach you a lesson or you learn from them. Love as much as you can, have no time to waste on hating, neither do you have to give it a room in your heart. It’s stability, Smiley should shape your face and it reaction. Even if into broken pieces of specks that is what life has offered you, just don’t let them know so that they can use it against you. Affected by words, emotions are highly but be controlled by good moral , that’s what a good spirit should entails. As much as you get broken the more, find solace in your deity. You are made for the world. Gold and Diamonds are what your value worth more than. You don’t have time, just be you with confidence. You might be the broken specks, but be the peace your inner soul wants. And the peace that when you’re gone it is irreplaceable.

Long Termed Hope.

A decade ends, and another decade begins. It began with peace and the other ended with all it trouble you had. Now there are too many chances and opportunities at hand, is either you use them or waste them away. Every driven purpose of life is made into existence for a reason. How you choose to live it determines the destination you are driving at. Now there’s always hope for every seconds ahead called the future, of which we do not know what it got. You’ve come this far to give up on that brighter hope. Never loose way, never loose yourself. It has taken a sweat of your strength to be where you are today, and to be whom you are. Push through with this same hope that moved mountains for you some years back when you started your faith journey. Let the worse ever be gone, and focus on protecting the now and the to be. Tomorrow we don’t know, but our long termed hope gives an assurance of how good it can be, only if we works assiduously towards it. Sweat now and relax the future. Giving up won’t solve the problem at hand. Coming this far means so much of every step made, every person we’d ever met on our way. To those that are still there for us, those that are gone forever and those that are being ignored. To the pain that taught us to find our strength and stamina in, to the fall that made us rise to greater heights. Long termed hope forsees the Tomorrow. And the tomorrow is what we await. Hope is a valuable key that unlock impossible doors. Clock is tickling, time is made for us, but time is not ours. It passes like the lightning across the sky and never comes back to it old self. I wish hope become greater to carry you on. So you will see the light that gave birth to your happiness and wealth.


Unfolding something is that easy to be done, but how to exploit it is the major issue on board. Is it hard cracking oneself to bring out something you want to do? Really hell no, it isn’t. But it is so hard to think deep and exploit oneself to really know the goodies in you and your damn flaws. Emerging greatly and exploring the talents at birth and talent gain takes much time to be done. Sometimes it takes a whole lot of years before you finally catch yourself wholly with what really you are. Uncover talks about discovering the angel in you as well as the devil in you. It’s not too late to start searching who you are by your own expression. Most times when we are emerging, our fears surrounding us put us to mute, some even do tell us we can’t make it, and they shut the voice inside us and put it to sleep at once. But the rare situation is our purpose doesn’t want us to keep that shut. Parents may see it to be insane, the environment may see it to be that bad . But we really know that , that is what we are destined to be doing. Don’t dare to dream just a dream and be waiting for the dream to walk to you. There’s the need to take the cover off the dream and work it hard, break the loads off, and sight it great to be pushing through. When you uncover, you find how hard certain bad deeds still keep you at where you standing still, and what the Devil in you keep you doing that you hate not to do. To everything there’s a remedy worth fighting for. Find time and explore buddy, for some time in your life dedicate yourself to self love and self healing to bring out what you’ve got. Then you can appreciate what nature offers you whether great or bad. Uncover yourself in silence and deep thinking. Help heal your soul and strengthen the core of your heart. Then you will learn to appreciate yourself fully.


It’s being a while, when I’m weak I don’t talk, because I’m too feeble to alter a word. But when you are born a good communicator, the joy to inspire others is your life time trademark. Everything that you tend to be doing, do it with please. There’s the joy in doing everything nice. Once in your lifetime do something extraordinary, create something special, let the society you find benefit from your living. It’s not necessarily that you can help with your money, your clothing or your food. Sometimes all what others need is your great words. Words move mountains, words can change the phase of substances. Words in good proportion can heal a broken hearted. Life is too light and short, how are you communicating to the other world of you with your behavioural trademark. Or you care not how others feel and live. Sometimes there is the joy to put smiles on people’s face even though you might not be happy enough within your own soul. But affect the public positively, let your character speaks and communicate, that’s the best trademark ever that can leave on from a thousands of your generation to another thousand fold. Legends are not only legends with the things they did, but their names leave on by what they demonstrated and affected in others lives. I’m building a great trademark for myself, I dare to inspire, that’s the only joy that offers a light-hearted person like I am. What are you doing too. Stay bless.

Your life.

Time expended here on earth is minutes. You may even not be able to complete your mission given from birth. When you are a child, you are too small to worry about things. When you become an adult, you take full control over your expenses, but you ain’t got time. At old age , the strength is gone. You have only one life. Never let anyone think for you in your life. Do all that you can best and perfect, and lead the rest in prayers. As best as you can be, you cannot recover all spheres of your life. Never let someone’s action affect your happiness. Only two humans were created in the garden, each were made for each, fear no mortal being. They will all go dust to dust, ashes to ashes, where they belong, non will survive because that’s where you came from. As long as we all breath oxygen, no human is higher than the other. How you carry yourself is how people see you. Yet be humble, be honest, be kind, love. Of all acknowledge your God, and acknowledge the fact that you are on assignment here on earth. And the need be to justify yourself later in your life time.

Inheritance from His wheel.

We are men, doubled in the flesh. Poorly pleasing the body more than the soul. Allow your resources to be of God. Walking in His glory, there by bringing the holy Spirit to be with you. To do everything in the Spirit, to grow in the spirit. Walk in the wheels of the Holy Spirit. When you walk in the holy Spirit,things fall in place without you struggling. You do not need to push hard,but things will just happen. David said, ” he had been a child, and he has grow old, but he has not seen the righteous, the children of God suffer, nor their descendants begged for bread. God is a father and a God on His own. Who is fill with compassionate, and empathy for His children, when we walk in His wheel and His will. Then why then do His children tend to suffer?. Now I say; that the heir,as long as he is a child different not from a slave though he be the lord of all (Galatians 4:1). If a child is a toddler, though he is a heir to the King, but we do not give him ceramic plates to eat from, he will break them. He eats from the plastic bowls as same the slaves eat from. Until you grow up in God, until you grow up in the holy Spirit, God will never give you what He wants you to handle. Until you grow up,God will never give you things to mishandle them, least they may fall from your hands. These are the reasons why most of our prayers are never answered by our father. When we go in accordance to God’s wheel, then will all things go well with us.

Dream bigĀ 

Everybody has got a dream. A vision to establish one self.A vision to prosper, a vision to see a successful life. How do these come true after a dream has been dreamt. There is no dream without goals, dreams are always dreams, but the ability to achieve things in the dream is a  goal worth achieving. Before one could actualize his dreams, a set of rules should be set. He should see himself first as a tool of encouragement, a tool of success. A bigger picture should be drawn on how you want your life to look like. He must see himself first as best and competent. Any negative thought should never be thought of about himself. Trust yourself and do good. Aspire very high to complete your dream.